Innovative Canapés

I present canapes at almost all of our events, so I've got to continually think about new ideas to keep our menus fresh. I am always on the lookout for new idea, sometimes they just pop into my head other times it is a steady progression of an idea that is developed into a workable canape.

The canape in the picture is an example of how an idea has been reinvented and developed. Probably 6 years ago I went into 'books for cooks' in Notting Hill and found a great little book called Cocktail Cuisine, written by a Spanish chef Tony Botella. It is full of amazing cocktail creations many of which would only work within a highly skilled restaurant environment. However with a bit of tweaking and clever thinking I was able to start re creating some of the ideas at our events. The spaghetti tower was born. For two seasons the canape was well received for its unusual look and taste, but soon we tired of the idea and wanted to develop it again. We then created the canape to the right. Squid ink pasta filled with a chilli jam and cashew nut sauce topped with vermicelli noodles. It is this process that keeps our menus fresh and new. You can be guaranteed if you book Realcooking for your event you will be creating a unique experience fo your guests.